Marambaia Casino Hotel & Conventions - Balneario Camboriu, Santa Catarina, 88330-003, Brazil

Telephone Numbers in Dublin

Tourist information: 0800 647 8122 (for those who are outside the region)

Tourist Police Station: (47) 3367-0262
Portal Tourist Information - PIT: (47) 3367-8005
Ambulance: 192
Firefighters: 193
Civil Police: 190


To make international calls to Brazil enter the international code +55 plus the area code 47 (Cambori├║) and the recipient's number.

For international calls abroad from Brazil dial +0021 (or +0015), plus the country code, area code and subscriber number.

Time and Electric Voltage

The time zone is equal to Brazil's official: back hours less in relation to Greenwich. Once a year, usually between November and February, is adopted Daylight Saving Time, when the clocks are put forward one hour to save energy.

Electrical current is 220 volts.The Brazil are switching to European connector (EEC 7/16) back with rounded tips. The Hotel Marambaia, at the request of customers, offer transformers for electrical appliances with different voltages. But it is advisable to take an adapter and a transformer for electrical appliances.

Rate Services

In bars and restaurants, it is usual to include 10% service, and in some situations have already been incorporated into the account. If you do not come included, 10% service are indicating local custom.


The official language of Brazil is Portuguese, but Spanish and English are widely used in most establishments.

Marambaia Casino Hotel & Conventions
Avenida Atlantica, 300
Balneario Camboriu, Santa Catarina, 88330-003, Brazil
Call: +55 (47) 2103-4099


Marambaia Casino Hotel & Conventios

Situated in Pontal North Atlantic Avenue, facing the sea and with large recreation area and welcoming and comfortable apartments the Marambaia Casino Hotel & Convention offers perfect space to host various events or even for unforgettable family vacations. There are three swimming pools, including an indoor heated, fitness center, game room, valet parking, Bar and Restaurant International and a differentiated service.