Our history

The Marambaia Casino Hotel & Convention, already in the 60s heralded with its unique and innovative structure, the city would be a major state tourist spots. Taking advantage of government incentives for tourism in the region, Dr. Osmar Nunes and some partners, acquired the land where today the hotel. At the time the city was characterized by containing rare households and poor access to the beach. Still in 1962, the works are initiated.

In November 1964, it was inaugurated, the first hotel with rounded shape of the world, according to the Correio do Povo of March 7, 1967. This format ultimately provide you with an impressive social Hall. It began operations with about 30 employees, and the administrative sector worked in Itajaí.Visited by great artists, politicians and famous, the Marambaia was consecrating with a hosting icon in the Santa Catarina coast.

With the development of the city's physical structure of the hotel was enlarged. The architect of the time suggested that the annex building was built in the shape of an open book, and the union of the round and attachment blocks took place in 1980.It also has a great social area with heated indoor pool, outdoor swimming pools, games room, fitness center, Bar Viennese, Marambaia Gourmet, leisure scheduled to season, among others. Its convention center provides infrastructure for making various types of events and a team of highly qualified professionals for specialized care.

The Marambaia Casino Hotel is recognized internationally as a forerunner of hospitality in New York City and known, too, for their promotional packages that take place throughout the year, especially the New Year's Eve party, which for many years and attracts over Brazil's personalities and customers.