Coin / Credit Card / Debit / Banking

The currency is the Brazilian Real (BRL). You can find an online currency converter on the site The main international cards are accepted in most establishments. Banks generally are open Monday to Friday from 10h to 15h.


The city has security cameras scattered strategically, monitoring and providing greater peace of mind to residents and their visitors.

The Fire Department, as well as combat losses and is responsible for the lifeguard service on the beaches.
We also have the traffic agents of the municipal police, whose duty is to supervise the circulation, parking and stopping vehicles on public roads.

The military police conducts summer work Operation barriers, remaining the entrances and exits of access to the town, ensuring total protection.

But it is important to mention that as a city that receives large numbers of visitors all year round, it is recommended not carry large amounts of money, just enough. Also, it is recommended to pay attention to your personal belongings and use the hotel safe to store your valuables. Report any incident to the police.