What to do? Where to go?

Meet all the main attractions of Balneario Camboiriú so that your holiday is perfect.

  • Praia Fake 2

Central beach
Right in front of Marambaia Casino Hotel is the main and largest city beach. Perfect for bathing, beach sports, races and rides on the boardwalk or in the bike lane. It has several restaurants bars and nightclubs in their extension of 6km.
Address: Atlantic, Camboriú..

  • laranjeiras

Orange Beach
Beach paradise located in a small cove surrounded by Atlantic forest. It has calm, clear waters, structure of bars and restaurants. Accessible by highway Interpraias and also tours of schooner or lift.
Address: Highway Interpraias, Camboriú.

  • praias agrestes

Wild beaches - Taquarinhas, Taquaras, Pine (naturist beach), Shipyard and Estaleirinho
It is situated along the highway Interpraias, separated by hills, cliffs and beautiful viewpoints. Are unspoilt beaches with stunning and unforgettable scenery, clean sea, vast rainforest and beautiful rock formations.

  • PraiaBravaVistaCentralBC

Brava beach
Surfers Paradise and followers of healthy lifestyle. It has rough sea, boardwalk, kiosks, bars, restaurants and clubs right in front of the sea.
Address: Praia Brava, Itajai - SC

  • buraco2

Hole Beach
Rustic beach and almost untouched through the rainforest. Accessible only on foot through the northern bar deck. Perfect for who likes walking outdoors and beautiful scenery.
Access: Deck the North Bar, Camboriú.

  • molhe barra sul

South Jetty Bar
The breakwater covers an area of ​​six thousand square meters and became a tourist attraction after winning beautiful landscaping and lighting, as well as works of art by local artists and children's playground.

Address: Atlantic, Barra Sul - in front of the Unipraias Park.

  • deck barra norte

North Pontal deck
Deck with approximately 500 meters of illuminated walkways, observation decks, raised platforms on the sea and access stairs to the beach. the deck values ​​the environmental quality of the North Pontal amid Atlantic forest, the rocks and the sea.

The tour allows visitors a wonderful view of the whole border of Balneario Camboriu and access to Hole Beach. Address: Barra Norte, Camboriú.

  • barco pirata

Pirate ship
Pirate schooner ride out of South Bar Baln. Camboriú through Central Beach, Cabras Island, the Aguada Hill shores and stopping at the pier of Orange Beach.

It has animation team and scenarios with the pirate theme.
Site: www.barcopirata.com.br
Hours: High season - hour tours on the hour from 09am to 18pm and closing (minimum 20 people) / Low season - 10h, 14h and 16h (minimum 20 people)
Phone: (47) 33672815

Address: Beira Rio, 6020, Barra Sul, Balneario Camboriu
Approximate value: R $ 40.00

  • morro_do_careca

Morro do Careca
Lookout at the top of the hill with spectacular views of Camboriú, Orange Beach, Hole Beach, Brava Beach and Itajaí.

Has Atlantic Forest, trails, lookouts, launch area for the practice of adventure sports, with access via paved and parking.
Site: www.morrodocareca.org
Phone: (47) 9682.3159
Address: Peak of Morro do Careca, Amores Beach, Balneario Camboriu
Approximate value: Free access to the complex of the gazebo / flight Paragliding - R $ 220.00

  • beto carrero

Beto Carrero World
Largest theme park in Latin America and 6 of the world's best amusement park - 30km from Camboriú. It has rides, shows, circus, zoo, and the presence of characters from Madagascar and Shrek films (DreamWorks Studios).
Site: www.betocarrero.com.br Hours: 8: 30h (open the box office) | 9h to 18h - Park Operation (toys, zoo, shows and attractions in general) | 19h - General Closing
Phone: (47) 3261-2222
Address: Rua Inacio Francisco de Souza, 1597 - Armação Beach, Penha - SC
Approximate value: R $ 130.00 (value to adult)

  • zoo

Santur zoo
Park with zoo with 1,200 animals (including tigers, lions, camels and monkeys), Aquarium, and Archaeological Museum (with articles and ancient indigenous skeletons of the region) Oceanographic, fisherman and Stuffed Animals.
Site: zoobalneariocamboriu.com.br

Hours: Low season (from 01/03 to 30/11) - 9 am to 17.30 / High season (01/12 to 28/02) - 9h to 19h hours / Phone: (47) 3367 0033 and
(47) 3367-3277

Address: BR-101, Km137, Camboriú
Approximate value: R $ 10.00 per person (Children under 05 years accompanied by parents do not pay)

  • cristo-luz-balneario-camboriu-sc

Christ Light
Tourist complex with gazebo, restaurants and statue of Christ the Light 33 meters high on the hill. The statue holds in her left hand the symbol of the sun that emits multicolored light beams illuminating the city every night.
Site: www.cristoluz.com.br
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday - 16h to 0h / Sunday - 10am to 0h
Phone: (47) 3367-4042 / 3363-2329
Address: Indonesia Street, 800, Bairro Nations - Camboriú
Approximate value: R $ 25.00 per person

  • igreja santa ines

St. Agnes Church
The Church St. Agnes has architecture rounded shape - featuring a straw hat used by fishermen in the region - and a large outdoor garden.

Its interior draws attention by the provision of the altar in the center of the church, offering the faithful a differentiated experience

Hours: Tuesdays to Saturdays Masses to - 17h and 19h. Sunday - 07h, 8:30 a.m., 10h, 18h and 19:30 (also to 21h in season)
Address: 1400, 492, Centro, Balneario Camboriu

  • balneario-shopping


Atlantic Shopping
Most traditional mall in town.
Site: www.atlanticoshopping.com.br
Hours: Mon to Sat - Shops from 10h to 22h and Food Court from 11h to 22h / Sunday - Shopping 15h to 21h and Food Court from 11am to 21h
Address:.Brazil, 1271, Balneario Camboriu

Balneario Camboriu Shopping
Modern and sophisticated with the country's leading chain stores.

Site: www.almeidajunior.com.br
Hours: Mon to Sat - 11 am Sunday at 23h - 14h to 21h Shops and Food Court from 11h to 23h
Address:.Santa Catarina, 01, Quarter States Camboriú

  • mergulho-em-bombinhas-costa-esmeralda

Water Tribe diving school
Daily departures by boat to the main points of Santa Catarina diving (diving for all levels).
Site: www.tribodaagua.com
Address: Brazil, 3925, Barra Sul, Balneario Camboriu.
Approximate value: R $ 260.00 per person.

  • camelodromo1

Popular shopping center with shops imported products such as clothes, beverage, electronics, perfume, games, toys, house wares and kitchen, among others.

Hours: Daily from 10h to 23h
Address: 1400, 330, Centro, Balneario Camboriu

  • music park

Speed ​​Way Park music
The project Speedway Music Park was created following three basic concepts: speed, adrenaline and Music. It offers great attractions in these segments well at the city gate.
Paint Ball
Estimated value:
R $ 45.00 per person (1 hour game + 100 balls)
Trails with ATVs
Approximate value: R $ 75.00 per person
Karting International
Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 15 to 21h30m.Approximate value: R $ 100.00 per person
Site: www.speedwaymusicpark.com
Phone: 47 3268.1653
Address: Rua Francisco Corréa, 2406, New Hope, Camboriú

  • foto-green-valleyjpg


Grenn Valley - Voted best electronic world music club
Site: www.greenvalley.art.br
Phone: (47) 3360-8097
Address: Mamore Street, No. 1083, Rio Pequeno, Camboriú - SC
Tickets: www.ingressonacional.com.br

Warung - The temple of electronic music
Site: www.warungclub.com.br
Phone: (47) 3348-7643 / Address: José Medeiros Vieira, 350, Praia Brava, Itajai - SC
Tickets: www.aloingressos.com.br/warung

Woods - The hinterland home hottest of Brazil
Site and tickets: www.woodsbar.com.br/balcamboriu
Phone: (47) 3056-7273 Operation: The house opens on Fridays and Saturdays from 23h Address: Av. Atlantica, 4450, Balneario Camboriu

Shed Western Bar - The best college sertanejo
Site and tickets: www.shedbar.com.br
Phone: (47) 3264-2607
Operation: The house opens on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays Address:.Atlantic, 5650 - Camboriú